Human Resource Management: HRM is a management function within an organization that focuses on people who work in an organization.

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Meaning of HRM.
Nature and Scope of HRM

IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: HRM department is a very important department in an organization. It gives many kinds of benefits to an organization with its various importance. there is some importance of Human Resource Management is given below:

  • A link between organization and employees: HRM plays an important role between the interaction of organization and employees of this organization. Recruitment, selection, training, and development etc are the work of HR department. When an employee has any kind of problem in an organization he or she can get help and suggestions from the Human Resource Department.

  • The growth of an organization: All growth of an organization like profit, goodwill etc is managed by Human Resource management itself. A corporation is can`t run smoothly without the good management of human resources because employees are the first priority of any organization. 

  • Development of new technology: HRM also gives the new technology and new development to a corporation. New ideas and innovations for the employees and new ideas for there work is made by human resource management.

  • The job security of employees: HRM provides the job security to its employees.HR managers have to build up commitment and loyalty among the workforce by keeping them up to date and laying out the implications for job security and working conditions.
  •  Create loyal employees: For the successful, a corporation needs a highly skilled, flexible, and innovative management. The ability of employees makes an organization HR management creates the loyal and talented employees for the company.

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