MEANING: Human Resource Management is a management for managing the all human-related activities of making the efficient and effective use of human resources so that some set of goals are achieved
In short, HRM is an art of managing all people at work in a systematic manner that they give their best for achieving organization`s set of goals and objectives.


                    According to Flippo“Human Resource Management is a planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintained, and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished.”


Internal part of management: Human Resource Management is a beneficial management.HRM cannot be separated from the basic management function. It works internally in the whole management for performing the various activities in the organization.

Action Oriented: Human Resource Management gives the solution of all human-related problems in an organization. It solves all human resource problems to achieve both employee’s objectives and personal goals.

People-oriented: HRM is also a people related activity. It works for the task of dealing with human relationships within an organization. This process is helpful for achieving all targets and goals of an organization

Science as well as art: HRM is a science because it contains principles an techniques. It is an art because it involves theoretical knowledge to the problems of human fact, handling people is an also a part of the art.

Development-oriented: HRM is a development-oriented because it is concerned with developing the potential of employers so that they can get maximum satisfaction from their work and facilitate employer satisfaction and growth.

A Common function: Human Resource Management is equally used function in all organization. It is also used by government, sports aided organization, and utilization of people is an internal part of any organized efforts.

More disciplines: HRM involves an application of knowledge from several disciplines like sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics etc.

Future-oriented: Human Resource Management is a future-oriented management. It provides well-motivated employees to an organization for achieving target and goal of an organization.


HR planning: Human Resouce Management firstly check the need of employees in an organization. If organization need the employees HRM gives the better employees to organization timely. Which is very helpful for the achieving the target.

Analysis and design a job: HRM is very helpful for analyze and design a particular job for a particular person because all jobs are given on the basis of efficiency of the person. HRM plays an important role to check the effective person for a job.

Recruitment and selection: Scope of HRM is very wide. It recruits and selects the employees for the organization. The need for a good and talented employee is fulfilled by HRM only.

Placement: Human Resouce Management placed the right person at his right place. All placements in an organization are in the hands of HR management.

Training and Development: Training and development of selected employees are also done by human resource management. It gives time to time training and organizes various development programs for employees. It appraises the good performance given by employees for an organization, many incentives, bonuses, promotions etc are given by HRM to employees for the achieving tasks in an organization.

Motivation and communication: Human Resource Management from time to time motivate and communicate with employees to solve their various problems. It gives the positive as well as negative motivation to employees for completing the more organizational tasks.

Safety and Health: Safety and health of all employees are checked by the HRM. Health and safety related issues are solved by this department in an organization. Providing good infrastructure and environment is the first work of human resource management in the benefits of the employees.

IR(Industrial Relations): An industrial relations are build by the human resource management in a particular organization. These relations can be good through the build various good aspects of Human Resource Management.

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