Human Resource Manager: A HR Manager plays an important role in Human Resource department. The manager maintains, planning, implementing the various policies and schedule that particular policies in the all organization. Recruitment, planning, selection, the relation of employees, solve conflicts between employees, maintain discipline in the organization. An HR Manager is responsible for the proper functioning and organization of HRM.

RECRUITMENT: The first duty of HR manager is to recruit and select the employees for the organization. Skilled and talented employees are selected by HR manager for the corporation. Employees are selected through the recruitment process.
Recruitment helping a firm for:

  • Attract highly qualified and competent people.
  • Selected candidate stay longer within the company
  • A match between cost and benefit.
  • More workforce
MAINTAIN RELATIONS BETWEEN THE EMPLOYEES: HR manager maintains all relations with and between all employees in an organization. If some problem occurs between the employee’s Hr manager solve that particular problem.

MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE: HR manager has one of the important roles for the firms is maintained the discipline in the organization and between all employees. Salaries, schedule etc are maintained by the HR manager.

SOLVE CONFLICTS: Solving the conflict problems in an organization is also an important role played by the HR manager. Sometimes conflicts occur between the employees in the organization which is not good for any kind of firm.HR manager solves the various issues related to conflicts between employees and solve their misunderstandings.

PROVIDE GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE TO EMPLOYEES: Provide good infrastructure to employees is also an important responsibility done by the HR manager. Sitting facility, water facility, lighting facility etc are some facilities that are the part of the infrastructure in an organization.HR manager provides that facilities to its employees.

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: It is a process of qualitative and quantitative performance measure of an employee according to his work and past experience.
HR manager also appraises the employees for their good performance and efficient efforts for the organization that is performed by the employees for the success of a firm.

MOTIVATION TO EMPLOYEES: It is the main thing that every employee want through various aspects of a corporation.HR manager motivates the employees for their good work with promotion, bonus, incentives etc.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES: HR manager held various kinds of training and development programmes for the motivate their employees so that they can do their work with full of motivation and can easily complete their tasks.

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