TRAINING: Training is a process to improve existing and new employee’s ability to perform through learning, usually by changing the employee’s attitude and increasing the skills of employees through training.
      The main aim of providing training to employees is to maintain the progress of the company with the change of technology and innovations.
        According to Flippo,“Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee who does a particular job.”
Needs For Training:
  • Existing employees need a new and refresh training to enable to keep the track of changing techniques.
  • Provide effectiveness in work which requires less supervision,  minimum cost, less wastage and provide quality goods and services.
  • When a person moves from one job to other with a transfer that person requires for a new work.

Importance of Training: Training gives the benefits to both employees and employers. These benefits are:

  1. Beneficial for Employees
  2. Beneficial for Business

Beneficial for Employees:

  • Employees can easily get the employment with the help of training.
  • Through training, employees are more efficient and effective
  • Training helps an employee to secure promotion easily.
  • Helps an employee to move from one organization to another as he gained his carrier goals.
  • Through training, employees can avoid mistakes and accidents on the job. They can handle their jobs easily.

Benefits for Business or Employer:

  • Wastage is less through training.
  • Trained workers are work more efficiently.
  • There will be lesser chances for accidents in the company if employees are trained well.
  • Employees can produce better quality goods 
  • Training makes employees more loyal to an organization with more opportunities for employment.
Objectives of Training:
  • It increases the quality of products and services in an organization.
  • Also, improve the organizational climate.
  • In addition, improve the health and safety of employees which is helpful in preventing industrial accidents.
  • To the personal growth of both employees and employers.
DEVELOPMENT: Development means self-development and initiative for it should be taken by the individual himself. Development is a new concept. Managers can be made by giving them proper opportunities for development.
Needs for Development:
  • To improve the performance level of all managers.
  • To increase the confidence of individuals.
  • to maximum utilization of organizational resources.
  • To change the behavior of workers.
  • To introduce changes in the organization.
Importance of Development: Development gives the benefits to both employees and employers. These benefits are:
  1. Beneficial for Employees
  2. Beneficial for Business
Beneficial for Employees:
  • The employee becomes more competitive with the firms.
  • Development makes employees more effective and efficient.
  • Increases the confidence of employees.
  • Employees become self-relevant,
Beneficial for Business:
  • Goodwill, productivity, wealth increases of employees when employees do effective work.
  • Optimum uses of resources.
  • Wastage of time, men, machinery, and also money is eliminated.

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