E-commerce is the use of internet and web to transact business i.e digitally enables commercial transactions between and among organization and individuals. Its customers can easily purchase the goods and services online. It is the best way to buy or sell the products and services online. It is very helpful for the all customers and sellers because buyers can purchase products to satisfying their needs and sellers can sell their products to gain the profit. In like manner, E-commerce is a good platform for both buyers and sellers.


E-commerce is the digital enabling of transactions and also posses within a firm involving information system under the control of the firm.

TYPES OF E-COMMERCE WITH EXAMPLES: There are so many types are the part of E-commerce. But in this topic, we study the main 6 types of e-commerce. These types are:
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • C2C
  • P2P
  • B2G
  • M-commerce
B2C: The term B2C refers to the Business to consumer. All customers can make a good relationship with the companies and companies can sell their products without any intermediaries. With the help of business to consumer e-commerce, a consumer can easily purchase there need related products and services. Online shopping is involving in the B2C e-commerce.
Example: Amazon and Flipkart are those e-commerce companies which are deals with B2C. Many people purchasing products from these companies. So many types of brands are available on these sites which are directly related to the business.

B2B: B2B E-commerce refers to the business to business. This e-commerce includes the business-related commerce between the two or more companies. Many organizations and businesses are deals their products and services between themselves. Transactions between two companies are the B2B e-commerce.

Example: Alibaba.com is the best example of business to business e-commerce. It’s a Chinese website which deals with all types of products which satisfy the customer’s needs as well as other business needs. This site also sells their products to other businesses.

C2C: This term relates to the consumer to consumer e-commerce. In that type of e-commerce, consumers are interrelated with each other because no intermediary and any company is a need for the dealing in that concept. The consumer buys or sells their products and services to another consumer themselves. Similarly, Many sites are used for the c2c marketing which is very helpful for all consumers.
Example: Olx.com is the example of C2C e-commerce. Moreover, Olx is that website on the internet which is useful for the selling of products and services between the consumers. As well as Consumers are sold their unwanted products on this website and other consumers are purchasing their products according to their need.

P2P: Peer to peer e-commerce refers to that e-commerce which are groups of peers are purchase the products or services from other peers. A peer purchases the product from one place and also help another peers and customers for purchasing that particular product or service.
Example: Take an example of uTorrent, a place where we can easily download the movies. When a person downloads a movie from the torrent, he left the link of the particular movie. It is for other users. It is helpful for other users to download the movie easily.

B2G: Business to Government is that e-commerce where a business and government relate to with each other. This concept is related to the B2B type of e-commerce because it deals with the same kind with a government like as other business.

M-Commerce: It means Mobile commerce. Additionally, In today ‘s modern time everyone also wants to do their work in an easy and fast way. so mobile commerce plays an important role to do any kind of work easily. Transport tickets, Electricity bills, mobile bills can be paid at the home with the help of e-commerce.
Example: mobile banking is the example for this because everyone pays their bills and do the transactions through this. Every bank provide their own apps for mobiles for the get benefits of mobile banking in m-commerce




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