PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Production management may be defined as the performance of the management activities with regards to selecting, designing, operating, controlling and updating production system. In addition to, this system is the process of effectively planning, coordinating and controlling the production, i.e, the operations of that part of an enterprise. It means that production management is responsible for the actual transformation of raw materials into finished goods.
OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT: Operational management refers ton the activities, decisions, and responsibilities of managing the resources which are dedicated to the production and delivery of products and services.

According to Barry Shore,“Operations management is that management of any operating system which transforms inputs to an output. It’s also equally important to the all financial related decisions”

  • Improving the volume of production while production.
  • Also reducing the rejection rate
  • Maintaining the all deliver rules
  • Updating processing and procedures
  • Maintaining accuracy and as well as the timeliness of management information system(MIS)
  • Also, provide overtime and Of course, controlling overtime as well.
  • Checking absents, theft, wastage, and then also misconduct.
  • Minimizing inventory and achieving better yield/result
  • Also, control total Quality Management(TQM)
  • Busines Process Reengineering(BPRE)
  • Provided Automation at the same time of production.
  • Decreasing machines setup time
  • Good housekeeping because of production management.
  • Also, remove accidents
  • Effective complaint-handling
  • effective training and additionally team building
  • Important to realize improve customer satisfaction
  • Stablishing/updating/improving/setting industrial engineering standards
  • Controlling ideal machines and also manpower hours too.


CONCLUSION: to the end of that production management and operations management relates to each other because although it may be true that firm cant runs smoothly without this. It works together and both are equally important for any organization. These are not different from each other and after all, these are compulsory for any firm.      



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