Duties/Roles & responsibilities of Production manager
  1. First of all Planning the geographical location of the factory.
  2. Also purchasing production equipment.
  3. The layout of equipment within the factory.
  4. Designing the production process and also equipment.
  5. To clarify the Product design.
  6. Capacity planning as well as controlling.
  7. Designing production work and establishing work standards.
  8. Production planning as well as scheduling.
  9. Immediately Production control.
  10. Inventory management.
  11. Supply chain management.
  12. Quality control.
  13. Production equipment and as well as maintanance and repair.
  14. Measurement and monetary of productivity.
  15. Industrial relations.
  16. Health and safety.
  17. Not only staff selection also communication.
  18. To point out Budgeting.

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