Consumer behavior is a behavior science it has got a multidimensional nature in which different social science do addition in their respective ways. The concept of consumer behavior is the contribution made to these different types of social sciences like-

Disciplines that contributed to consumer behavior as a subject of study:

Psychology: The different aspects like- motivation, perception, personalities, attitude, value, and learning are an important subject matter in both psychology as well as consumer behavior.
Sociology: It is the study of people behave in the group. Individual forming groups have different activities and responses as a contrast with the individual’s action and response. There is a direct effect of group family and friends circles on consumer behavior.
Social Psychology: it is a combination of sociology and psychology. With indicates how the consumer behaves an individual in a group. Social psychology discusses the effect of peers, reference group family, and opinion leaders. its also here one can find effects of both these social sciences. It is also together with that study of consumer behavior.
Cultural Anthropology: Anthropology is the study of one’s cultural beliefs, values, attitudes, perception, and customers. It adopt by an individual from their parents and as well as grandparents. That is ultimate affects their purchase and consumption behavior. Cultural anthropology also studies ultimately affects their purchase and similarly consumption behavior. Cultural anthropology also studies subcultures, eating, their purchase and consumption behavior.
Economics: It is a concern with the distribution of limited resources at the micro and macro level. It is the study of how consumers spend their funds, how they evaluate different purchase alternatives and how to get maximum satisfaction from their purchase.

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